Exploring Birds Seal of Approval: Kirtlandii

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About Kirtlandii

Kirtlandii is the world’s leading purveyor of nature themed apparel and merchandise. Founded in 2018, the brand exploded onto the scene with a viral collection featuring Central Park’s Mandarin Duck. Since then the brand has expanded its line to include: t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, tote bags, phone cases, and canvas prints - all featuring wildlife species, including birds, trees, and wildflowers.

Kirtlandii’s mission to enable nature lover’s to express their pride and passion for their favorite wildlife species.

Kirtlandii’s Impact on Birding

Kirtlandii launches a new collection each month featuring an risk wildlife species. At least $1 per Collection item sold is then donated to benefit the featured species.

Their most recent Collection - Respect the Grouse - features the Greater Sage Grouse, an iconic western bird that is struggling to adapt to western development. The population has declined from to. And the bird has been expirated from .

Kirtlandii is donating $2 per Respect the Grouse item sold to benefit the Greater Sage Grouse. With $1 going to the American Bird Conservancy and $1 going to The Greater Sage Grouse Initiative.

Why Kirtlandii is worth of the Exploring Birds Seal of Approval

Kirtlandii lives up to its mission - they allow fans of nature to express their passion - where else can you buy a Northern Saw Whet Owl Phone Case or a Bobolink T-Shirt?

They also prove their commitment to conservation (they are literally named after the endangered Kirtland’s Warbler Setophaga kirtlandii) with their monthly Collection program.