Native to North America

Highlighted Species:

  • Shagbark Hickory (Carya ovata)
  • Mockernut Hickory (Carya tomentosa)
  • Bitternut Hickory (Carya cordiformis)
  • Pignut Hickory (Carya glabra)

Hickory Identification and Relationship with Birds

A tree of the mature forest, the Hickory is a medium to large-sized deciduous tree ranging from 50 to 100 feet tall, with a 25 to 70-foot spread (depending on the species). All Hickory trees drop a hard, husk-covered nut in the fall, which is widely consumed by many birds, including the Blue Jay and Wild Turkey. Hickory trees are often used by cavity nesting birds and attract and host many insects, which in turn attract insectivorous birds.

Birds Most Commonly Associated with Hickory

Attracting Bird with Native Plants

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Attracting Bird with Native Plants


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