How to Attract House Finch

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Description: A frequent visitor of bird feeders, the House Finch is among the easiest birds to attract. Their favorite seed is Black-Oil Sunflower but they will eat other varieties of Sunflower Seed, Nyjer and Millet.. They take seed from all different types of bird feeders. In the wild the House Finch eat flower, weed, and grass seeds, in addition to some fruits/berries. House Finch frequently use birdbaths.



  • Small-sized bird
  • Male: Red head/breast, brownish with streaks everywhere else
  • Female: Light brown, streaky underparts


  • Anywhere with bird feeders
  • Open Woodlands
  • Open Backyard/Lawn/Garden
  • Overgrown Field/Grassland

Eating Habits

  • Primarily seeds – either from bird feeder or natural/wild sources
  • Occasionally fruit/berries


  • Incredibly variable – will use deciduous trees, evergreen trees, shrubs, manmade structures, etc.

Top Ways to Attract House Finch

Black-Oil Sunflower     Millet     Birdbath     Bird Feeder     Red Mulberry

Trees & Shrubs that Attract House Finch

American Elderberry (Fruit)     Crabapple (Fruit)     Eastern White Pine (Seeds, Nesting)     Red Mulberry (Fruit)    Wild Cherry (Fruit)

Flowers & Vines that Attract House Finch

Field Thistle (Seeds)     New England Aster (Seeds)     Trumpet Honeysuckle (Fruit)    Wild Blackberry (Fruit)    

Attracting House Finch with a Bird Feeder

Feeder Type:    Hanging Tube     Hopper     Platform     Suet Feeder

Feed:    Millet     Nyjer Seed     Suet     Sunflower Seed