Dead (snags) or Fallen Trees (Logs)

While it may sound odd, keeping dead or fallen trees (and even large branches) around on your property could increase the amount of birds (especially Woodpeckers) that come to your yard. There are number of reasons for this, number one being that many insects and other types of bird prey eat or live in decaying wood, thus making it an important resource for hungry birds. Wild birds also use dead trees for nesting, perching, roosting, shelter, and as a place to store food. Woodpeckers in particular favor decaying wood because of the abundance of insects found in or around it and the ease at which they can peck at it due to its softness, relative to a live tree. So, if you have dead tree and don’t mind its presence on your property, it may make sense to just leave it to nature.

Birds Most Commonly Associated with Dead or Fallen Trees 

Barred Owl     Black-Capped Chickadee     Brown Creeper     Carolina Wren     Eastern Bluebird     Downy Woodpecker     Great Crested Flycatcher     Hermit Thrush     Indigo Bunting     Northern Flicker     Northern Mockingbird     Pileated Woodpecker     Red-Bellied Woodpecker     Red-Headed Woodpecker     Tufted Titmouse     Wood Duck     Warblers     White-Breasted Nuthatch