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Brome SquirrelBuster Suet Feeder


Why the SquirrelBuster Suet Feeder is one of the best bird feeders

There is one golden rule when it comes to bird feeding… YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR. The SquirrelBuster Suet feeder is the best suet feeder on the market based on quality of build, ingenuity of design, and ability to attract a wide array of wild birds.

SquirrelBuster Suet Bird Feeder Quality & Customer Care

Every single part of the SquirrelBuster Suet feeder is either made of chew-proof metal or chew-proof RoxResin (a waterproof, rustproof, and UV stabilized composite). This is not a cheap, plastic bird feeder that will only last a few years - it is built to last a lifetime. Like all Brome bird feeder products, the SquirelBuster Suet Bird Feeder is covered by a Lifetime Limited Warranty. At we can personally vouch for Brome’s world class customer care - real humans pick up the phone and always offer real solutions and advice. Although chances are you will never even need to contact Brome customer care… because their products are of such high quality.

SquirrelBuster Suet Bird Feeder Design Features

Weight Adjustable Mechanism: The suet is enclosed in a shroud (aka cage), when a squirrel climbs onto the feeder, its weight forces the shroud to lower, which restricts access to the suet feeding port. You are also able to adjust the weight to close off the suet feeding port to larger birds (like , which may hog the suet from smaller birds) if desired. Unlike other “squirrel-proof” feeders, this was actually works.

Holds 2 Suet Cakes: Unlike most suet feeders, the SquirrelBuster Suet Bird Feeder offers the ability to hold 2 suet cakes. Not only does this mean it can feed and attract more more birds at once but also means less refills.

No Waste/Mess Crumb Port: Suet is infamously messy and wastable but the Squirrel Buster solves the waste problem with a perfectly situation crumb port - that, as the name implies, catches most of, if not all of the suet crumbs - which are quickly eaten up by hungry feathered scavengers. This means less mess for you, and more grub for the birds

Grease-Free Handling: To avoid the greasy, sloppy, mess of handling suet cakes the SquirrelBuster Suet Feeder is designed so you never have to touch the greasy, sloppy suet while loading it into the feeder. Instead you remove the plastic liner from the suet container and then drop the suet into the holder.

UV Stabilized: Overtime UV light/radiation degrades man-made materials, the SquirrelBuster Suet Feeder is UV stabilized, which absores and screens out UV light in order to prevent damage - a feature many bird feeders don’t offer.

No Tools Required: despite its engenious design, assembly of the SquirrelBuster Seut Feeder is simple, intuitive, and done by hand - no tools required. This means that once you take the SquirrelBuster Suet Feeder out of the box you can have set up and out in the yard within minutes.

Birds attracted to Suet Bird Feeders

No bird feed or seed option attracts a greater diversity of birds than suet. While it is the preferred choice of woodpeckers, it also offers the ability to attract birds that don’t often visit bird feeders or take seed, like Bluebirds, Wren, and even Warblers.

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