Serviceberry - Amelanchier

Native to USA

Highlighted Species: Downy Serviceberry - Amelanchier arborea, Shadblow Serviceberry - Amelanchier canadensis, Ground Running Serviceberry - Amelanchier stolonifera

One of the top bird attracting plants in North America, Serviceberry is a small to medium-sized deciduous tree ranging from 10 to 50 feet tall, with a 10 to 25-spread (note that Ground-Running Serviceberry is a shrub ranging from 4 to 5 feet tall). In spring, Serviceberry blooms showy white flowers which attract insects, which will in turn attract birds. In early-summer small purple-red fruits appear (sometimes referred to as Juneberries). Many wild birds consume the fruits (which are very nutrient dense), including the Cedar Waxwing and Gray Catbird. In fact, the berries are often all consumed before they even fully ripen. The Serviceberry is also attractive nesting option for breeding birds. 

Birds Most Commonly Assoaited with Serviceberry

American Robin     Baltimore Oriole     Brown Thrasher     Cedar Waxwing     Eastern Bluebird    Eastern Towhee     Gray Catbird      Hairy Woodpecker                 Hermit Thrush     Insectivorous Birds     Mourning Dove    Northern Cardinal       Northern Flicker     Northern Mockingbird      Red-Bellied Woodpecker                 Red-Eyed Vireo      Rose-Breasted Grosbeak     Veery     Warblers     Wood Thrush