Short-Toothed Mountain Mint - Pycnanthemum muticum

Native to: AL, AR, CT, DC, DE, FL, GA, IA, IL, IN, KS, KY, LA, MA, MD, ME, MI, MN, MO, MS, NC, NE, NH, NJ, NY, OH , OK, PA, RI, SC, TN, TX, VA, VT, WI, WV 

Herbaceous perennial ranging from 2 to 3 feet in height, Mountain Mint blooms clusters of tiny white flowers from midsummer to early fall. Due to its seemingly endless supply of nectar, Mountain Mint is one of the top insect attracting flowers in all of North America -  beetles, butterflies, moths, wasps, and other bugs are all known to be frequent customers. Of course, attracting insects will in turn attract insectivorous birds. 

Birds Most Commonly Attracted to Short-Toothed Mountain Mint

Insectivorous Birds