Crabapple - Malus

Malus angustifolia, Malus coronaria, Malus ioensis are Native to USA

Small deciduous tree, ranging from 6 to 30 feet tall, with a spread of 10 to 25 feet (though size is highly dependent on on species). Commonly used as an ornamental due to its showy spring time flowers and abundant fruit, the Crabapple is also a great tree for wild birds. The flowers will attract insects (the number one source of food for wild birds) and even Hummingbirds and Orioles may probe the tree for nectar. The crabapples themselves (which mature in fall) are eaten by many birds, including the Cedar Waxwing and American Robin. The fruit will also attract insects. The Crabapple tree may be used by a breeding pair of birds for nesting. 

Birds Most Commonly Associated with Crabapple

American Robin     Baltimore Oriole     Blue Jay     Cedar Waxwing     Eastern Towhee     Evening Grosbeak     Gray Catbird     House Finch     Northern Cardinal     Northern Mockingbird     Pileated Woodpecker     Purple Finch     Red-Bellied Woodpecker     Ruby-Throated Hummingbird     Wild Turkey