Tube Feeder 

The Hanging Tube Feeder is recommended for those who want to attract and provide bird feed for small birds like finches, while dissuading larger birds (like Jays and Grackles) and other pests from stealing the feed. The tubular shape, small-metal feeding ports, and hanging style are the qualities which restrict unwanted visitors from raiding the Hanging Tube Feeder. Some Tube Feeders (like the Finch Sock) enable small birds to extract feed (like Nyjer Seed) while hanging upside down. Because the Hanging Tube Feeder often features numerous feeding ports, many birds can eat from it simultaneously – which is not the case when it comes to most other feeder types.

Birds that use Tube Feeder

American Goldfinch     Black-Capped Chickadee     Blue Jay     Carolina Wren    House Finch     Indigo Bunting     Northern Cardinal     Pine Siskin                              Red-Bellied Woodpecker      Rose-Breasted Grosbeak     Tufted Titmouse     White-Breasted Nuthatch