Ground Feeder

Many ground-dwelling birds (Towhee, Sparrows, Juncos, Doves, Cardinals)  prefer to eat on the ground – if you are interested in attracting these bird types then a Ground Feeder is something to consider. While sprinkling some bird feed on the bare ground is always an option, doing so often creates a big mess and sometimes goes wasted. A Ground Feeder keeps the bird feed off the ground and makes the feed more visible and thus more likely to be eaten. Placing Ground Feeders underneath Platform, Tube, or Hopper Feeders so that it can catch dropped seeds is also an option that will prevent waste and make clean up easier.

Birds that Use Ground Feeders

American Goldfinch     American Robin     Blue Jay     Brown Thrasher     Carolina Wren     Dark-Eyed Junco     Eastern Bluebird     Eastern Towhee     Hermit Thrush    Mourning Dove     Northern Cardinal     Rose-Breasted Grosbeak     White-Throated Sparrow     Wild Turkey