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Explore Birds

Founded in 2017, Exploring Birds aims to educate novice and veteran birders with detailed, firsthand tips on how to find, attract, and identify wild bird species.


How to find

With detailed information on bird habtiats and habits (the two keys to finding birds) the How to Find Birds feature is the section to explore if you you’re trying looking to cross birds off your life list!


How to Attract

Discover the three components - FOOD - WATER - SHELTER - you need to provide in order to attract birds. With complete profiles on which native trees, shrubs, flowers, vines attract birds, in addition to expert tips on feeding and providing water for birds.

Seal of Approval


The Exploring Birds
Seal of Approval

The Exploring Birds Seal of Approval is given to brands and products that exhibit a commitment to serving the birding community with products that make birding better.  This section includes binocular reviews, camera reviews, and much more!

Exploring Birds Seal of Approval

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Kirtlandii is the leading nature-themed apparel and merchandise brand in the world. Demand is currently so high that it can take up to 3 weeks after purchase to receive a single t-shirt! In our review of the review of Kirtlandii we inspect the designs, quality, and their conservation friendly commitment.



10 Must-Read Tips!

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Read the Best Places to Bird In… Feature Here!


Bird Photography

Learn the secrets of Bird Photography NOW!